An image showcasing a vibrant, close-up view of a wide-open mouth, revealing an array of pearly white teeth, a sparkling tongue, and a playful mix of colorful gummy candies scattered around
Image showcasing a vibrant, close-up view of a wide-open mouth, revealing an array of pearly white teeth, a sparkling tongue, and a playful mix of colorful gummy candies scattered around

Fun Fact About the Mouth: [Weird & Wild] Fun Facts About the Mouth [Human Body]

Fun fact about the mouth: it does way more than help us eat pizza and yawn during boring meetings. From insane bite strength to tissues that regenerate fast enough to make Wolverine jealous, our mouths are truly weird and wild in so many surprising ways. Let’s dive into some funky facts about the human mouth that will really make you say “huh, who knew?”

Our mouths sure do a lot for us! From allowing us to speak, eat, taste and more, the mouth is a pretty useful body part. But beyond enabling basic functions, mouths are also weird and wild in so many ways. Let’s dive deep into some funky facts about the human mouth that you may not know!

Basic mouth anatomy

Before we get to the weird stuff, let’s quickly go over the basics. There’s more going on in your mouth than it may seem!


Obviously your mouth contains teeth – 32 of them to be exact, in a healthy adult. But beyond allowing us to bite and chew, teeth are pretty fascinating. Did you know baby teeth start forming before you’re even born? Wild!

The coating on your teeth is called enamel and is the hardest substance in the entire human body – even stronger than your bones! No wonder I’ve broken an arm but never a tooth!

Teeth aren’t totally solid though – they are made of multiple layers. The inner pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, surrounded by a softer dentin layer. The tough enamel outer layer caps it all off.

As a kid I thought teeth must be invincible, but issues like chips, cracks, cavities, and more can develop both internally and externally over time. Taking good care of your pearly whites is essential!


The tongue helps us talk and manipulate food to aid in chewing and swallowing. It’s the strongest muscle in your body compared to its size – kinda badass if you ask me!

Your tongue also has taste receptors that allow you to experience flavors from sweet to salty to bitter and beyond. Did you know there are 5 main taste profiles the tongue can detect? Sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami (savory) each have receptor sites. More on that later…

The top of the tongue does have specific zones dedicated to certain tastes, contrary to popular belief. Sour notes are most strongly detected by the sides of the tongue, while bitterness is strongest at the back. The tip and front do favor sweet flavors. Strange but true!

Salivary glands

There are 3 sets of salivary glands in the mouth that produce saliva. Saliva helps soften and digest food, prevent infection, and keep tissues moist. In fact you produce around 1-1.5 liters of spit every day without even realizing it. Talk about impressive!

Saliva contains enzymes like amylase that start breaking down starches in the food you chew. No saliva means difficulty swallowing dry food. Just thinking about that makes me wanna drink some water!

There are also tons of bacteria, viruses and fungi that call your mouth home. But don’t worry – your saliva keeps them in check so they can’t overgrow. Yet another reason to be thankful for spit!

Weird facts about mouths

Alright, now onto the peculiar parts that showcase just how strange mouths can be! From insane biting power to strange tongue tricks, humans have some wild oral abilities.

Strong biting force

Think your bite seems strong when you’re demolishing a steak or crunching on celery? Just wait – the human jaw can exert over 200 pounds of force when biting down. Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it!

In fact crocodiles and alligators have one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom, clamping down with 3,700 pounds of pressure. That’s like having three pickup trucks on your jaw! I do NOT want a croc bite.

Hyenas also have a forceful bite, estimated over 1,000 pounds. Remind me not to get nibbled by a hyena anytime soon. I’d like to keep all my limbs!

Tongue printing

Like I mentioned earlier, our tongues have small bumps called papillae that contain taste buds. No two people have the same exact pattern and positioning of papillae, meaning your tongue print is unique like a fingerprint!

Put that in the file folder of totally random body facts that will probably never help solve an actual crime, but are still intriguing. Almost as unique as my terrible stick figure drawing skills that I couldn’t recreate to save my life!

Some people can even roll their tongues into weird shapes – if you’re one of those lucky folks, enjoy that peculiar party trick! Just try not to gross people out mid-conversation.

Taste bud regeneration

Speaking of taste buds, they have an incredible regeneration ability. You lose taste buds every week as they simply wear out from constant use. But new ones rapidly regrow to replace them.

Some experts estimate you replace all the taste buds on your tongue every 10-14 days. Talk about quick turnover! No wonder tastes can change quickly.

As you age, the rate of taste bud regeneration does slow down though. So appreciate that youthful taste while it lasts!

This rapid regeneration is why taste isn’t hugely impacted after burning your tongue on hot soup or food. The burn damages taste papillae, but they’ll replenish in a week or two. Thank goodness!

Diseases and conditions

As with any body part, mouths can develop issues ranging from pesky to troublesome. Things like…

Canker sores

These painful round or oval ulcers seem to pop up at random inside the mouth and can make eating and talking rather uncomfortable till they heal. But what actually causes them?

Experts don’t know exactly but suspect factors like bacteria, immune system issues, stress, hormonal changes, and vitamin deficiencies may play a role. Very mysterious if you ask me!

While annoying, canker sores aren’t contagious or a sign of major disease on their own. Phew! Unless you count clumsily biting the sore while chewing as a separate mouth injury…ouch!

Tooth decay and cavities

Plaque, a sticky bacteria film, gradually eats away at tooth enamel leading to cavities if not removed by brushing and flossing. I blame all those sour candy worms I ate as a kid!

If decay reaches farther in, it infects the pulp tissue inside, becoming an abscessed tooth. No bueno! So take care of those pearly whites, folks.

Gum disease

Gum inflammation and infections are typically also caused by plaque buildup. Symptoms range from tender bleeding gums to severe pain with permanent bone and tissue loss in advanced untreated cases.

Flossing is critical since brushing alone can’t remove debris from between teeth properly. Just be gentle – aggressive flossing can damage gums too. Sheesh, mouths are high maintenance!

Halitosis (bad breath)

This common problem stems from bacteria and food particles hanging around inside the mouth, often on the tongue or between teeth.

Certain foods like garlic, onions, or beer can cause smelly breath odor. As can dry mouth, gum disease, sinus conditions, and more. Keep some mints or gum handy just in case!

Hygiene and care

To keep your mouth happy and healthy, be sure to:

Brushing and flossing

Brush those pearly whites twice a day and floss at least once daily to remove plaque and food debris. This prevents cavities, gum disease and bad breath. Take good care of your mouth!

Don’t forget to also brush your tongue when brushing teeth to keep odors at bay. Tongue scrapers work even better to remove built-up coatings.

And yes, there are right and wrong ways to brush. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently brush at a 45 degree angle to the gumline in circular motions. Get all surfaces, inside and out!

Visit the dentist

See your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups – usually twice a year. Cleanings reach spots your brush can’t hit, while the dentist screens for early signs of decay or disease. Prevention is the best medicine!

Be sure to tell the dentist about any mouth pain, bleeding, sores, etc. Don’t just grin and bear it! Getting ahead of issues early makes treatment easier.

Quit smoking

Avoid smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. We all know smoking causes lung cancer and heart disease, but it wreaks havoc on your mouth too!

Smoking stains teeth, leads to gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer. Plus it makes your breath just reek horribly. Save your mouth the trouble and quit!


Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. Not only is this critical for your overall health, but it keeps your mouth moist too. No one likes having constant dry mouth!

Dehydration means you produce less spit to naturally cleanse the mouth. So grab a refreshing glass of water while reading this. Ah, nice and hydrating!

Weird mouth tricks

Think you can do something odd with your mouth? Try these zany mouth maneuvers on for size!

Tongue rolling and folding

We talked before about genetic tongue gymnasts that can roll or fold their lengthy tongues into funky shapes. Give it a try – can you join the party trick club?

My lame tongue just kinda spasms. Oh well. At least I can still lick ice cream cones easily with it!

Wiggling ears, eyebrows, nose

Some gifted folks can voluntarily wiggle their ears, flare their nostrils, raise an eyebrow independent of the other, or otherwise contort their faces strangely by flexing underlying muscles.

I must lack proper muscle control because trying these facial feats just makes ME look silly, not giving off the impressive vibe I was going for!


This wild trick involves triggering saliva glands under your tongue to spit a tiny stream of saliva up to several feet. Strange but true!

I managed to gleek once completely by accident. Never been able to recreate the right gland squeezing maneuver on command though. One day…


Purse your lips and blow just right, you can create tunes by whistling. It takes decent breath support and lip and tongue positioning.

I still can’t whistle well melodies no many how many YouTube tutorials I watch. At best I manage a weak wavering noise like a deflating balloon. Sigh A musical mouth I do not have.

But even failure is funny with whistling – just ask my kids how they crack up when I foolishly try over and over. Someday maybe!


What a wild oral ride! As you can see, our mouths are far more complex and intriguing than meets the eye. From housing an intricate mix of strong muscles, tissues, nerves and bacteria to giving us the abilities to articulate words, express emotions, savor tastes and more…the mouth is marvelous!

We explored all sorts of wacky facts like the insane biting power of a crocodile jaw, the way our tastebuds rapidly regenerate every couple weeks, and how smoking wreaks havoc on mouth health over time.

The mouth plays a role in so many fundamental functions and holds extraordinary capacities most don’t even realize. Next time you go to speak, eat, smile or even whistle, think about the complexity behind an act you likely take for granted each day without a second thought.

Our mouths do so much for us around the clock to keep us nourished and communicating. So be sure to take good care of yours every day. And next time you grin, remember just how awesome your mouth truly is! Now if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of tastebuds has me craving something sweet. I think it’s dessert time!

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